Reasons that Justify the Removal of Tree Stumps

Trees are essential to sustain life in this world; there is no disputing that. But trees are also living things, and there comes a time where they are going to die; either of disease or old age. Regardless of the reason, it is important to cut down a tree before it dies completely. This is because a  huge dead tree can collapse and can cause damage to the surrounding area. 

When you cut a tree, a tree stump is left; and many people are confused whether they should remove this tree stump as well. Experts say that it is better to do so, and in this article, I will share to you the reasons that justify the removal of tree stumps. 

Tree Stumps

1. Safety 

The first reason to justify the removal of tree stumps is safety. When tree stumps are left by themselves, they can be a hazard, the cause why people would trip over and injure themselves. Tree stumps may be big, but they are hard to see in the dark, especially people that are first-time visitors, and are not familiar with your place.  

2. It decreases the Value of Your Home 

Some people love their yard very much, and they take care of it to make it look attractive. If you are one of this people, it is better to remove that tree stump because they are just unsightly to see. Because they no longer have a purpose, they ruin the consistency of the beauty of your yard; they are comparable to a pimple on one’s face. 

3. Space 

Stumps acquire a large amount of space, especially if the previous tree is large and tall. While we loved our tree taking up that space, we surely don’t like the tree stump hanging around there because they offer no benefit whatsoever. They take up space where you can set up your outdoor furnishing, and they make your place look crowded. 

Another issue of tree stumps regarding space is that they become an obstacle to maneuver around. Unless you are determined to make a new walkway to your house, you and your visitors would have to maneuver around the tree stump, which can be very annoying. 

4. Can Start Infestation 

A tree stump can cause an infestation of insects and pests, especially if the previous tree have acquired a disease or virus. Tree stumps can be a source of food and the home that the insects like termites, ants, and beetles need to survive and propagate. When the tree stump is near your home, then it will only take time when these pests would migrate to your own home. To avoid this from happening, contact a tree removal professional. 

5. Stumps can Harbor Disease 

When the previous tree had a disease, then the tree stump would most likely inherit the disease. The problem here is that the tree stump can cause infections with the other trees around. Well, you don’t want this to happen because trees are precious and they provide a lot of benefits to us.