About Us 


Chapter and Verse India is a business that is functioning with the intent to help the people who needs to be helped the most. This website is not only informative but also very helpful. There are a lot of things that you could if you are going to be in this website and that is the most important thing.   

The mission of our company is to help homeowners find the answers they’re looking for, especially in the field of home maintenance. We give you articles and blogs about carpet cleaning, tree stump removal, bar building, and Virginia Beach HVAC service. We understand that these topics might be simple for others, but for a dedicated homeowner like you, it is already complicated.  

If you want to take matters on your hand and go the DIY path, we commend you for that. But if you want us to reconnect you with the companies we know that can give you the services you need, we will not hesitate to help you. Remember, our mission is to help you out. So we try our best to give you the best contents. If you have more questions and inquiries about our services, contact us and we will respond.