Healthy Ways to Stop Snoring and Allergy

It is important for someone who is snoring to identify the causes and possibilities. There are many cons when someone is snoring, especially if you have a partner sleeping beside you. It can affect them losing sleep and ends up getting fed up by it. It can also interfere getting a full night rest. For whatever cons it causes you, it is important to find remedy as soon as possible. Here are some of the snoring remedies and allergies you can do.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to have a healthy weight, exercise and diet. If you are overweight, you are prone to snoring. The excess fat builds up on your throat which causes for it to narrow the air passage way. This results to snoring. But when you do diet and exercise, the fatty tissue on your throat cuts back and making the passage way freer for air to pass normally.
  2. Treat your allergy. You may not notice but you snore often when you have allergy. This is because your nasal is close up, it causes you respiratory system to breathe more using your mouth. You can treat your allergy with antihistamines before you go to sleep and it helps to free your nasal passage from closing up. 
  3. You should change your sleeping patterns. Lying on your back causes your soft palate and tongue to collapse backwards in to your airway which causes you to snore. If you are having hard time changing position while asleep, there is a technique called “The Tennis Ball Trick”. You can sew bandage a tennis ball and put it in your back. As you roll on your back, the pressure of the tennis ball at the back will cause you discomfort making you to roll back on your side. Within a couple of nights, you will be trained to be sleeping on your side.  
  4. Make your bedroom humid. If you are snoring, you can purchase a humidifier. It can help you on your allergy and snoring problem. The moisture in the air helps you lubricate so your throat can breathe easier at night.
  5. You can also buy anti-snore pillow. There are dozens of types of anti-snoring pillows you can find in the market. They come on different sizes and shapes. The main purpose of these pillows is to elevate your head at night. When your head elevates, it causes the spine to align allowing the airway from blocking.  
  6. Consult your doctor. You can ask for medication that may relax your muscles such as your muscle throat to relax at night. It can help you to stop snoring. But if you believe that the medication intensified your snoring, you may seek again the doctor for another possible alternative medicine.
  7. You can try exercise for throat and tongue. You may think it’s a little bit silly but there are proven records of this being effective. Over the time, your tongue and throat will relax and tone down. Due to this, it can reduce the chance of you snoring frequently. You can try singing few times a day. It can be a good exercise to strengthen your throat muscles and soften your palate.