Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steal Cleaning Method

Our carpet needs to be cleaned all the time, that’s why maintenance is necessary. It has the job to protect our feet and our kids from the hardwood or tile, but it traps dust fast that can lead to respiratory issues especially for those who have pre-existing medical condition. However, despite our best efforts to clean the carpet every day, dirt and grime are still accumulated.

Carpet cleaning companies like Aurora carpet cleaner offer different approaches to carpet cleaning, the two most popular of these cleaning methods are dry cleaning and steam cleaning. To give you a basic idea about the two, we wrote an article about their advantages and which is better than the other.

1. Steam Cleaning

Not Totally Chemical-Free

The myth about the debate which is better, the dry cleaning or carpet cleaning, is that steam cleaning lovers claim that steam cleaning is chemical free. This is not entirely true, because even though the commercial and home machines use the hot water for the cleaning, the steam itself doesn’t do 100% of the cleaning.

The machine still uses detergent to clean the carpet, and the thing that activates the detergent on the fibers of the carpet is the hot water. For natural or wool fiber carpets, professionals use the acidic detergent, while the alkaline is used for the synthetic carpets. The vacuum is turned on and sucks up the bulk of water.

Many people choose this cleaning method because it uses lesser chemicals than the dry cleaning one. Honestly speaking, if you want a totally chemical-free to clean that carpet is to vacuum it, but it’s not enough right?

Longer Waiting Time

If you want to do the cleaning on your own, there is a machine you can buy or rent. The rented ones have top water for it to properly work while the ones rented on the grocery store or hardware has a heating element. These machines will work on placing the cleaning solution and moving the machine over the carpet. You have to wait 12 hours or more to dry the carpet.

2. Dry Cleaning

Less Waiting Time

The dry cleaning method uses cleaning solvents or chemical compounds to effectively clean the carpet. The chemicals are placed in the carpet, and they work on breaking down the dirt and grime they found on the fibers. This method is not entirely dry, because professionals use a small amount of moisture. This will complement the other compounds used for cleaning. The best benefit you’re getting from this is the lesser waiting time. After you’ve cleaned the carpet, you can use it again.

Which is which?

If you’re still debating on what cleaning method you’re going to apply, just remember the things we mentioned earlier. Again, in steam cleaning you only need a machine, hot water and detergent but you have to wait for 12 hours to use the carpet again. This method also removes stain deep in the fibers. The dry cleaning on the other hand uses harsh chemicals but offers an instant drying for the carpet.

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